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Our team of professionals remain dedicated to using the best Green solutions & materials available to produce long lasting, affordable janitorial services.

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Cleaning Services

Keeping a clean home or business is throughout the year is very important, not only for aesthetic purposes but for keeping you, your family and co-workers safe from germs and other harmful bacteria. However, despite the regular cleaning that you may do or have done on a daily basis such as vacuuming, disinfecting, and scrubbing, the truth remains that there is likely dirt, debris, and germs embedded deep within your furniture’s upholstery or in the carpeting or tile and grout of your home or business.

Carpet Cleaning

Of course, this is not your fault; store-bought cleaners, lower end vacuums, and other basic cleaning products simply are not made for deep cleaning. This is why it is a good idea to have a professional carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning done at your home or business periodically. This is the best way to get the deep cleaning required to truly get your home or place of business free of bacteria, dirt, allergens and other debris.

Affordable Services

Luckily, we offer the janitorial and carpet cleaning that you need for your home or business and we at Rasmussen Janitorial & Carpet offer them at very reasonable prices. Our cleaning services are performed with custom made “GREEN” cleaning agents that are exclusive to Janitorial & Carpet. Our cleaning method combined with our world class cleaning agents make our cleaning “Faster, Cleaner and Safer”, so if you want to truly keep your home or business not only looking its best but being as bacteria and germ-free as possible, then be sure to keep us in mind for all of the carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning you may need to have done.

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