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For over 40 years, Rasmussen Janitorial & Carpet Services has been the first choice in cleaning services for customers through Havre, MT and the surrounding area.
Rasmussen Janitorial & Carpet is one of the most extensively certified companies in the industry. We do not believe cleaning is a commodity. We view cleaning as a valuable part of delivering highly productive, safe, and healthy facilities for the people who occupy them. By having third parties certify our business practices and opperational efficacy you are assured that the promises we make about the service we provide is accurate and executed in your facility.

We at Rasmussen Janitorial & Carpet are one of the largest and fastest growing privately owned providers of high quality managed services in Montana’s High Line. Our success over the last fourty years stems from our strong attention to detail, which puts our employees first so they in-turn deliver Service Excellence to our clients. While the majority of our industry cleans for appearance alone, we Clean for Wellness, focusing on health and safety, sustainability, and asset preservation of our client’s facilities.

We are committed to delivering the industry’s most complete End to End Service Solution. From the time you invite us to clean your facility through the renewal process at contract’s end, Rasmussen Janitorial Service of Havre MT, will provide you with the most complete set of high quality solutions that help you meet your business objectives. Our solutions drive efficiency and high quality while containing costs.



We are the complete cleaning specialists! Our team of professionals remain dedicated to using the best materials available to produce long lasting, affordable janitorial services

Keeping a clean home or business is throughout the year is very important, not only for aesthetic purposes but for keeping you, your family and co-workers safe from germs and other harmful bacteria. However, despite the regular cleaning that you may do or have done on a daily basis such as vacuuming, disinfecting, and scrubbing, the truth remains that there is likely dirt, debris, and germs embedded deep within your furniture’s upholstery or in the carpeting or tile and grout of your home or business.

Of course, this is not your fault; store-bought cleaners, lower end vacuums, and other basic cleaning products simply are not made for deep cleaning. This is why it is a good idea to have a professional carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning done at your home or business periodically. This is the best way to get the deep cleaning required to truly get your home or place of business free of bacteria, dirt, allergens and other debris.

We offer the janitorial and carpet cleaning that you need for your home or business and we at Rasmussen Janitorial & Carpet offer them at very reasonable prices. Our cleaning services are performed with custom made “GREEN” cleaning agents that are exclusive to Janitorial & Carpet. Our cleaning method combined with our world class cleaning agents make our cleaning “Faster, Cleaner and Safer”, so if you want to truly keep your home or business not only looking its best but being as bacteria and germ-free as possible, then be sure to keep us in mind for all of the carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning you may need to have done.



Residential & Commercial Cleaning

We offer a diverse set of janitorial services performed by the industry’s finest and most experienced custodians and professional cleaners, and offer green cleaning services and customized programs for all your residential & commercial cleaning needs. Our continued goal is the complete satisfaction of our clients, a goal we accomplish by cleaning the way you want it each and every time.


Windows, Walls & Ceilings

Throwing a party or special event in your home? Rasmussen Janitorial & Carpet will take care of all the cleaning before and after so you can relax and enjoy entertaining your guests without worrying about the work involved in the clean-up. Rasmussen Janitorial & Carpet’s staff are always insured and bonded for your safety. We know that doing a spotless job on each visit is how we will do the job done right.


Floor & Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning services redefine the meaning of clean. Our trained and experienced technicians use the industry’s highest cleaning solutions to ensure superior results. Using the latest and most powerful cleaning agents, our highly trained and experienced cleaners will make sure to handle all of your flooring needs. Our loyal customers know they can trust us to provide exceptional services for their home or business.


Office Maintenance

A clean and efficient work environment is essential to the success of any company. It can convey a professional image to your clients as well as enhance the productivity of your employees. Selecting a professional office cleaning service involves more than just the essentials of a clean facility. Personal attention to details, commitment and reliability of the cleaning staff, and the security of your facility are just as important.


Water Extraction & Dryout

Many people will try and clean up standing water from there home on their own with a shop-vac or something of that nature. The problem with this is it does not solve all the issues that come with an in home flooding disaster. The shop-vac will get up the visible water but leave behind any moisture that has seeped into the walls or deep into the flooring. Contact your professionals at Rasmussen Janitorial & Carpet to learn more.


Automotive & RV Cleaning

Remember the smell of that new car? Life happens, we spend so much time in our cars, we call them our second home. Soccer practice, ballet lessons, or just that busy Monday morning, a car has become a necessity. And with us spending so much time in it, it gets dirty. Goldfish crumbs under the back seat, the coffee spilled last month, our favorite four legged friend’s hair and dandruff, it all adds up. Luckily we are here to help.


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